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Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Why are the JMS Provider libs not bundled?

    A:Some JMS Providers don't allow us to distribute their libraries directly to you. But we provided an easy way to install them for you. Please check out the video tour.

  • Q: How to Configure a JMS Provider?

    A: Right click in the left-most pane, select new and enter the data for your JMS Server.

  • Q: My JMS Provider is not supported, what do I need to do?

    A: Please drop us a note in the Google Groups Forum containing the information what provider and which version you are looking for.

  • Q: Does JMS Browser remove Messages from queues?

    A: We use the browse feature to view queue content, thus no message is taken from the queue, unless you explicitly remove it.

  • Q: Is the License I bought for JMS Browser 2.x valid for the 2.5 Version?

    A: Yes

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