Getting started with JMS Browser

Watch our screen casts to get you started quickly.

Video: Getting Started

The video shows how to download,install and start your copy of JMS Browser. The process is identical whether you obtain a license immediately or if you want to evaluate JMS Browser.

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Video: Functionality Overview

The videos shows some of the features you can use when working with JMS Browser. For example drag a message from one queue to another or how to change a message and resend it. The trial version is an unlimited version, you may try out all these features for 30 days.

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Video: Edit Messages

The Video shows how to republish a message to a JMS Queue with a modified content

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Step 1: Download
You can download a fully functional 30 day trial version of JMS Browser here.
Step 2: Unzip
Deflate the downloaded archive to any location on your computer, e.g. to '/Applications/JMSBrowser' on a Mac or 'C:\Program Files\JMSBrowser' on Windows.
Step 3: Start
Fire up JMS Browser by double-clicking the jmsbrowser executable.
Step 4: Purchase
If you'd like to continue using JMS Browser after the 30 day trial period has expired, please purchase a license.